Honors and Awards

H9. Outstanding Paper Award: Jongwon Kim, Eunbi Park, and Young Myoung Ko, "A probabilistic fish growth model for a smart aquaculture system," ICONI 2022, December 2022

H8. Featured article in the ISE Magazine: Young Myoung Ko, "To explore, or not to explore: That is the question in running digital twins," August 2022

H7. Winner (1st place): Yongkyu Cho: Poster Contest for IME Graduate Students, The Department of Industrial and Management Engineering at POSTECH, January 2017

H6. Honorable mention: Yongkyu Cho, Wanwook Ki, and Jihye Park: Student Paper Contest for Advancement of Library, The National Library of Korea, October 2013

H5. Honorable mention: Yongkyu Cho and Wanwook Ki: Campus Patent Strategy Universiade, Korea Invention Promotion Association, October 2013

H4. Featured article in the Industrial Engineer: Young Myoung Ko, "Saving energy in data centers," September 2013

H3. Winner (1st place): Young Myoung Ko: Doctoral Dissertation Award for Operations Research in Telecommunications, INFORMS Technical Section on Telecommunications, March 2012

H2. Awardee: Young Myoung Ko: Distinguished Graduate Student Award for Excellence in Doctoral Research, Texas A&M University, March 2011

H1. Featured article in the Industrial Engineer: Young Myoung Ko , "How to deliver video contents efficiently," November 2010