Dongyeon Jeong, Ph.D. (received 2021)

  • Thesis: Missing Value Imputation and Forecasting Algorithms for Electric Load Data with Multi-cluster and Mixture Time Series Models

  • Current Position: Samsung Research

  • Contact: dongyeon.jeong (at) lstlab (dot) org

Chang Hyup Oh, Ph.D. (received 2020)

  • Thesis: Building Evacuation Planning Algorithms considering Network Congestion and Human Behavior

  • Current Position: Samsung Research

  • Contact: changhyup.oh (at) lstlab (dot) org

Yongkyu Cho, Ph.D. (received 2019)

  • Thesis: Resource Management in Data Centers for Energy-Efficiency, Time-Stable Performance, and Quality-of-Service

  • Current Position: Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Industrial and Management Engineering at Kangnam University

  • Contact: yongkyu.cho (at) lstlab (dot) org

Euihwan Lee, M.S. (received 2018)

  • Thesis: Condition-based Selective Maintenance Optimization for a Large-scale Non-Markovian System

  • Current Position: KAI

  • Contact: euihwan.lee (at) lstlab (dot) org

Insoo Jung, M.S. (received 2017)

  • Thesis: A Markov Chain Analysis of State Transitions of Chronic Diseases using Medical Checkup Data

  • Current Position: Nexon

  • Contact: insoo.jung (at) lstlab (dot) org