Working Papers

W5. Baik, S. M., Byon, E. and Ko. Y. M.* (2022), "Distributionally Robust Stratified Sampling For Stochastic Simulations With Time-varying Input Models," in preparation

W4. Kim, J, Lee, H*. and Ko, Y. M.* (2022), "Constrained Density-Based Spatial Clustering of Applications with Noise (DBSCAN) using Hyperparameter Optimization," submitted

W3. Lee, E., Ju, J., Byon, E. and Ko, Y. M.* (2022), "Selective Maintenance Optimization for a Large-scale Fluid System," submitted

W2. Baik, S. M. and Ko, Y. M.* (2019), "A QoS-aware energy-efficient scheduling policy for servers in data centers: a robust queueing theoretic approach," in revision (link)

W1. Jung, I., Kim, J. H., Kang, S.-H. and Ko, Y. M.* (2017), "A Markov Chain Analysis for State Transitions of Hypertension Using Medical Checkup Data," working paper

* : Corresponding author

Authors in bold are our lab members.